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Mah BFF!

Goofy Girls (2)

Last night I went over to Demi’s and played dress-up. My computer has been the suckage with taking photos lately and I haven’t been able to at all. I tried every viewer possible and couldn’t get anything to work for the life of me. Demi, being the awesome chicka that she is offered to take some photos for me. Which….YAY! We had soooo much fun goofing off and even managed to get some work done! Seriously, she loads of fun and will likely be a fixture here on Of Cats and Dogs…and Demi. Juuust kidding. I’m not changing the name. Still pretty funny, though. To me. xD

Goofy Girls (4)

Be sure you check her out at her blog! demiNa Fashi0n !

hair: Elikatira – Melody
Eyes: Illusory – Eyes 10
Ears: Illusory – c1
Skin: Illusory – Paige Light- Winter 4a

Sweater: Niniko – Knit Sweater
Shorts: Milk Motion – My Jean Shorts
Glasses: Steinwerk – Avalines


Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: Truth HAIR Yolanda – light blondes
Bow: (NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband – Tribeca Stripes by Nylon Pinkney
Shirt: Ingenue :: Sunday Morning Tee :: Winter
Pants: Mon Tissu Denim – 1929 Cigarette ~ Dark

Your book is overdue! >.<


I wasn’t feeling very well and just having one of those days where everything in the free world goes wrong, so I decided to throw a cardigan over a sweater and jeans and be done with it. Oh yeah, I’m a fashionista! Bask in my glory!

….totally kidding. I think I look cute. It’s a quick and easy look pulled together with some of my favorite items. 😀

ZOMIGAWD! What are you wearing?!
Hair: (Shag)
Eyes/Ears/Horns/Skin: (.Illusory.)
Glasses: (Steinwerk)
Piercings: (Cobrahive)
Cardigan: (LeLutka)
Sweater/Jeans: ({mon tissu})
Flats: ([e])
Pose: (flowey)



Didn’t think I was ever gonna get this up. Been CRACKED OUT on Plurk. Insanely addictive. O.O

Onto the fashion stuffs. I went on a mini spree at LeLutka today and bought several jackets that I can wear with the all the boots I got on the boot spreeeeeee! I realized that I need more jeans/pants. I don’t really have enough of those…..Jean spreeee! xD

Hair: Maitreya
Eyes & GlassesDen Dou & Steinwerk
Horns/Ears: .Illusory.(Atomic)
Skin: Curio

Coat: LeLutka
Sweater: *ARAI*
Jeans: So Many Styles

Piercings: Cobrahive
Belt: Blitzed
Boots: Surf Couture

Before The Snow Melts


The snow on my sim will be melting in a few days so I’m enjoying it as much as possible. I was SO anxious for it to start snowing and now I just want my green forest back! xD
But, I’m still gonna make the most of it.

Eyes: Plastik
Horns/Ears: .Illusory.(Atomic)
Skin: Curio
Sweater: Zenith
Jeans: Miseria
Boots: KAO
Glasses: Steinwerk
Necklace: LacieCakes

Pose: Clique

Wanna Take A Ride With Me?

As I was running about and elbowing my way through the crowds partaking in 50l Friday (which I’m hopelessly addicted to, btw.) I was brought back to a store I haven’t been to in EONS. So. Many. Styles. Seriously? How on earth could I forget about this place? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Annnyway! Naturally I was dragging hubby along with me. He mostly just stood around looking adorable as he held my purse. Waiting. Waiting. Wa..oh ffs…rez! Ya know how it is. 87 people all piled at the entrance. Nothing will rez. So, I’m doing the rez dance (IM me in world and I’ll pass it along. You need it. Trust me.) when I just happened to spot something rezzed. I swing around and there it is. The most fabulous thing I have ever seen. Corsets. All strung along the wall, shining and beautiful. I needed one. They’re so well textured and the sculpts are to DIE for. Another thing that struck me was how…whimsical..they are. Each one is like it’s very own carnival.
Sadly, it was late and we had just been beaten to death with lag. I vowed to return.
..and I did. Dragging the poor pup along again to help me decide on colors. After an absurd amount of time I settled on navy. Mind you, Pup is looking at me like I’m nuts. I had a vision. I saw that corset and the entire look just consumed me.
But, what really pulled the whole thing together is the boots. These boots were the best purchase -ever- made. I love them so. *swoons*

Ploom – Benten-Crow (Stumblebum item. However, I believe it -is- in store at it’s regular price.)
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes 01 (Part of Platinum Hunt Gift)
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Cult

*** So Many Styles *** – Corset Metallic Navy
Dress: Luck, Inc – Sinken Dress Black

[Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Necklace: .HoD. – The Crosary
Gloves:Plastik – LipstickMuse-Black
Shoes: The Abyss – F_Boots//Stompers [Black]

Poses by: Porcupine Love

I wanna be….nerdeh!

So, as of late I’ve become kinda bored with the same old thing. Don’t get me wrong. I -adore- my inventory bursting at the seams of clothes. But, every now and then you just have to make a change.

That change, for me, is in the form of a nerdy urban elf. Apparently. xD

Sera Green Argyle_003

Really nothing overly fascinating to share. This outfit was actually inspired by the amazing rQ hair. You can get it right now as part of the group gift. If you are not a member of the group there is a 50L join fee and it -IS- well worth it and then some.

Sera Green Argyle_006

I also want to take a moment to discuss the skin I’m wearing. I used to be a hardcore fan of the Atomic skins. Then, lil miss Aikea Rieko released the Lionheart series of skins. She stole my heart and I want to have her babies.(Sorry, pup. xD) I typically wear the Lionheart-Fable Bare/Decemeber Ice skin. But,now I am deeply devoted to this skin. Lionheart[Elven]. They are simply breathtaking. The attention to detail is mind boggling. They are just beautiful. Sexy. Sweet. Perfection.

Sera Green Argyle_011

Now we MUST discuss the shoes. I’m a shoe whore. In the worst way. I get all twitchy and it’s sad. My ‘drug’ of choice is Maitreya Gold. The stilletos make me seriously weak-kneed. The sculpted feet are gorgeous and the texturing is unlike anything else. If you want a hot pair of heels. Maitreya. Say it with me. Mai-trey-a.

Sera Green Argyle_010

….there, we all survived with minimal pain. More to come!

Hair: [rQ] – Prime-Oynx/Dirty
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes 01 (Part of Platinum Hunt Gift)
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain

Mini-Dress: Luck,Inc – Tankdress- Nerdieh (Old 50L Friday Item)
Leggings: :::FG Underground::: – Cracked Mesh Pants Black

Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Necklace: .HoD. – Fallen Necklace
Cuffs: Ha! – Leather Cuffs *black*
Belt: ::NSD:: – Rock’n’Rolla Revolver Belt
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Allure Yin Yang

Poses by: Glitterati and Porcupine Love

Out past Midnight…

Where the crowds gather at the bars and clubs…

Grrr baby…

I -love- these shirts by Luck Inc. the textures gives them a nice soft appearance under the revolving lights at clubs. Although I’m always a bit iffy when it comes to unbuttoned/open shirts, I generally need to wear something underneath them. But with this particular variation of the shirt pulls off the ‘few unbuttoned buttons’ look tastefully. Paired up with some distressed looking pants by Valiant, definitely ready for some mingling at casual hangouts!


These Half-Shoes by Awori are just fantastic, they can be worn with just about anything…adding a bit of ‘zing’ to your outfit, whether you’re riding on your Harley, going club stomping, or just a casual outing with some friends. 😀


BELTS! I love belts, though I’m awfully picky when it comes to them. :sey’s Leather belt is phenom! Although prim heavy, this beauty is a must have…! So is the belt chain with it’s various gems stones clinging to the chain. They’re separate attachments (which is a minor peev, but their loveliness more than makes up for it :3).


And watches and bracelets! I feel naked without something on my wrists, and BLITZED’s brown chorus bracelet takes care of that problem with it’s smooth textured bands and chain. SteinWerk’s X Metal watch is…I really have no words, I often make outfits for my day based around that watch, I love it so. It beep-beeps and tells the real time…what more could I ask for in a watch?! I’m easily pleased, what can I say?

I’m Wearing…
Skin: Belleza‘s Thomas Skin in Tan 1-E
Eyes: The Plastik‘s Narcisse Green (Right) / Narcisse Deep (Left)
Tattoos: Aitui‘s Fire Arms Blue and Herald
Hair: MADD Design‘s Erick in TB I
Piercings: ROZOREGALIA‘s *NORNIR* Lip piercing [type1] in Silver and Eyebrow piercing [type2] in Silver
Shirt:Luck Inc‘s Button Down shirt in Charcoal
Belt&Chain: :Sey‘s Leather Belt and Turquoise Wallet Chain
Pants: Valiant‘s Ripped Cream Dark Blue Jeans
Shoes: Awori‘s Half-Shoes in Black
Bracelet: BLITZED‘s Chorus Bracelet in Brown
Watch: SteinWerk‘s X Metal watch
Ring&Necklace: MRM‘s Shock Wave ring and Tribal Initial Plate