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Puppy Would Say..

..BAM Headshot!
Or something to that effect. Look was inspired by two items. These wonderful pants from Panda Express -and- the Fallen bracelet from .HoD. Both are places that I can easily go broke in and am not allowed to shop in alone. Puppy is gonna hide my lindens!

[rQ] -Fuzzy
Eyes: *Muism* – Musing Eyes
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Samhain2010-Porcelain SkeleSkin

+grasp+(Part of) One Piece Dress/*Allmeru
Pants: ++PE++ – Scorn Pants- Ribbon

.HoD. – Fallen
Piercing: [V/INSANITY] – IPEENCH#2
Belt: .:Hermony:. – Rock’nRolla
Heels: #OC# – Melanie
Bullet Wound: /ME – Bulletproof? Nah

Poses: Porcupine Love


Still feeling abit rawr. Plus, I was just having one of those days where you need to wear a corset and heels. The corset from >>>Roots<<< is my absolute favorite. So beautifully done and perfect. Also, the harness from Kyoot. Gah, LOVE Kyoot. It's just such a random item and it's strange how easily you can incorporate it into your everyday look.
Now I’m off to spend some much needed ooey gooey time with Puppy.

[rQ] -Yen
Eyes: :[P]: – Fairytale-Green
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Bare

Harness: Kyoot – Addicted to Dopamine
Corset: >>>ROOTS<<< – 00C10030
Bra: Armidi [Intimizzio] – Kensington Notte
Slacks: Zaara – Ishaya Velour

[SteinWerk] – Avelines
Collar: Plastik – Recluse
Gloves: Plastik – Lipstick Muse
Heels: Maitreya – Esprit

Poses: Porcupine Love

Easy Like Sunday Morning…

This is my ‘It’s Sunday, I’m getting over the flu and I’m gonna throw on…whatever’ look. Zero thought or effort on this one. Took…2 seconds…while I was at work. xD

But, I will say this. I ADORE these boots from COCO and Tyranny D…well, a must.


[rQ] -Prime
Eyes: :[P]: – Fairytale-Green
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Evel

Dress: Tyranny D. – [Taking it easy Tops]- Sky
Jeans: [Miseria] – Bitter Jeans – Acid

[SteinWerk] – Avelines
Belt: *Cobrahive* – Waist Belt (Fabric)
Boots: *COCO* -EngineerBoots_Black
Necklace: SiSSi – Lucky Dice
Tattoos: Aitui – Classroom Notes

Poses by: Glitterati *freebie*


So much going on the last few days I haven’t had a chance to get this up. So, gonna make it kinda brief as I have to go play RL. Ewwwww!
Some really cute goodies from Fashion Rehab, 50L Friday, and Super Bargain Saturday today. I’m such a sucker for a bargain. Can’t even tell you. All the pose ‘props’ today are items I snagged in the various events (what and where listed below item details). I love them all. Very well done and inspired me to redo my entire parcel. My only beef is that the hay bale prop set from Ana-Mations is not fully functional. I’m gonna contact the owner and see what’s up. The big Hay roll you see behind me is supposed to have 6 poses. But, you can’t sit on it. The animations are in it, but, won’t let ya sit. So, hopefully it’s an SL issue and not a widespread problem because the hay bales are CUUUUUTE! Love them anyway.

[rQ] -Prime – ONYX/DIRTY
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes- Moon
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Bare
Makeup: Kyoot – Autumn Feline Makeup Pack (50L Friday)

SU! – Rayha Dress II Black
Undershirt: (Demon Cake) – Rainbows and Ponies (Fashion Rehab)
Jeans: [Miseria] – Bitter Jeans – Fade

[Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Necklace: *SiSSi* -Lucky Dice (50L Friday, but, I believe it’s always available)
Heels: Maitreya Gold – Esprit- Xtd Noir

Pose Props:
=HooT= – My Wooden House (50l Friday, still available at regular price)
Stool: Olive Juice – Into The Woods Stool (50L Friday, not sure on availability)
Hay Bales&Pumpkins: ANA_Mations – Fall Decor (Super Bargain Saturday)



Quick look using goodies found in this weeks Project Themeory. More posts to come.


[rQ] -Prime – ONYX/DIRTY
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Smog
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Cult

Atomic – Creative Inspiration (this weekend’s Project Themeory)
Leggings: Luck,Inc – Shiny Leggings Short Black

[Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Piercings: .HoD. – Lure – Jet
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Aequus Black

Poses by: Porcupine Love

I wanna be….nerdeh!

So, as of late I’ve become kinda bored with the same old thing. Don’t get me wrong. I -adore- my inventory bursting at the seams of clothes. But, every now and then you just have to make a change.

That change, for me, is in the form of a nerdy urban elf. Apparently. xD

Sera Green Argyle_003

Really nothing overly fascinating to share. This outfit was actually inspired by the amazing rQ hair. You can get it right now as part of the group gift. If you are not a member of the group there is a 50L join fee and it -IS- well worth it and then some.

Sera Green Argyle_006

I also want to take a moment to discuss the skin I’m wearing. I used to be a hardcore fan of the Atomic skins. Then, lil miss Aikea Rieko released the Lionheart series of skins. She stole my heart and I want to have her babies.(Sorry, pup. xD) I typically wear the Lionheart-Fable Bare/Decemeber Ice skin. But,now I am deeply devoted to this skin. Lionheart[Elven]. They are simply breathtaking. The attention to detail is mind boggling. They are just beautiful. Sexy. Sweet. Perfection.

Sera Green Argyle_011

Now we MUST discuss the shoes. I’m a shoe whore. In the worst way. I get all twitchy and it’s sad. My ‘drug’ of choice is Maitreya Gold. The stilletos make me seriously weak-kneed. The sculpted feet are gorgeous and the texturing is unlike anything else. If you want a hot pair of heels. Maitreya. Say it with me. Mai-trey-a.

Sera Green Argyle_010

….there, we all survived with minimal pain. More to come!

Hair: [rQ] – Prime-Oynx/Dirty
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes 01 (Part of Platinum Hunt Gift)
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain

Mini-Dress: Luck,Inc – Tankdress- Nerdieh (Old 50L Friday Item)
Leggings: :::FG Underground::: – Cracked Mesh Pants Black

Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Necklace: .HoD. – Fallen Necklace
Cuffs: Ha! – Leather Cuffs *black*
Belt: ::NSD:: – Rock’n’Rolla Revolver Belt
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Allure Yin Yang

Poses by: Glitterati and Porcupine Love

I Ish A Striped Kitten

Bear with me as I stumble my way through my very first Ootd.

I thought long and hard about this one and opted to keep it simple.

First, I wanna talk about my absolute favorite store, Luck,Inc. I can’t even begin to express my undying love for this place. CK Winx is a genius. CK’s textures and designs are like no other and the possibilities for outfit variations are endless. It doesn’t matter my mood, there is a Luck,Inc item to fit it. You can find full ensembles or simply pieces. Seriously, the versatility of Luck,Inc is astounding and I’m in deep lust. You’ll be seeing a lot of it, so prepare yourself.


I love this outfit for many reasons. It’s fun, sexy, and bold. There’s nothing like a good mini and pair of boots. Speaking of boots. I recently came across the *League* Shin Boots and instantly had to have them.


Not only are they totally drool-worthy but they just scream ‘I’m gonna whoop y0 ass!’. Also, they are 100% customizable. This is really what sold me. I can make these boots go with anything as I can change the colors, textures, buttons..EVERYTHING!

Bask in their awesomeness! Rawr!

Outfit Deets:
Eyes: Parnas-Green by The Plastik
Hair: [rQ]Torn(v.o2)-ONYX/ASH by [rQ]
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Bailey_Honey-Pink Cotton by [ATOMIC]
Wristband: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Wrist Strap by Naith Smit
Facial Piercings: Starstruck by
Mini-Dress: *Linc* Petite Black Grey Stripes by Luck,Inc.
Stockings: *Linc* Half Stockings 2 Black by Luck,Inc.
Boots: *league* Shin Boots by League