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Mmm, Pepper…


Over the weekend League released these super adorable spring camisoles. As usual, they come in a variety of colors along with some really great sculpt options to ensure the perfect fit!

Also, I happened upon Pepper, which is a new store to me. The skirt I’m wearing is from there and it goes PERFECTLY with the top. *squee*
I LOVE finding great little places like this and I really can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. SAD kitten.

Wanna Go Shopping?
Hair: (Elikatira)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (Illusory)
Skin: (L.Fauna)
Piercings: (Cobrahive)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Camisole: (League)
Skirt: (Pepper)

League – Sia <3


I know, I know. You guy have seen this skin everywhere, but, wow. I’m SO in love with it. Ever since League began putting out skins I’ve wanted them. I’ve looked at people wearing them and salivated. For some reason I just never got one, though. Until last night! I went and tried on the demo for Sia and took one look at the face (below) and HAD to have it. I really can’t get over how beautiful it is and I’m SO happy I took the plunge.



Project Themeory @League!


Another quick post tonight. Kitten has had a long and irritating day. 😦

Project Themeory has infected *League* this weekend and Nena has put out some super spooky and gory goodness. Cheek ripped off with blood dripping…EVERYWHERE! It’s LOTS of fun and just in time for Halloween. 😀 There is also some fun gory tank tops which I will likely feature tomorrow or later tonight.

Also, I have to mention the AMAZING aviator jacket from =DeLa*=! It’s so perfect. The textures are delicious and as always it comes with lots of wear options and it’s available in a variety of colors. Puppy is seriously bitter that it’s not unisex. xD

Magika -Lust
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes-Vamp
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain-Bare

=DeLa*= – Flight Jacket
Dress: *BOOM* – Carbon
Pants: Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks

Kookie – Armada
Gore: *League* – Zombie Halloween (Project Themeory)
Necklace: Ha! – And their Faith is Weak

Poses By: Porcupine Love and Oomph!

I Ish A Striped Kitten

Bear with me as I stumble my way through my very first Ootd.

I thought long and hard about this one and opted to keep it simple.

First, I wanna talk about my absolute favorite store, Luck,Inc. I can’t even begin to express my undying love for this place. CK Winx is a genius. CK’s textures and designs are like no other and the possibilities for outfit variations are endless. It doesn’t matter my mood, there is a Luck,Inc item to fit it. You can find full ensembles or simply pieces. Seriously, the versatility of Luck,Inc is astounding and I’m in deep lust. You’ll be seeing a lot of it, so prepare yourself.


I love this outfit for many reasons. It’s fun, sexy, and bold. There’s nothing like a good mini and pair of boots. Speaking of boots. I recently came across the *League* Shin Boots and instantly had to have them.


Not only are they totally drool-worthy but they just scream ‘I’m gonna whoop y0 ass!’. Also, they are 100% customizable. This is really what sold me. I can make these boots go with anything as I can change the colors, textures, buttons..EVERYTHING!

Bask in their awesomeness! Rawr!

Outfit Deets:
Eyes: Parnas-Green by The Plastik
Hair: [rQ]Torn(v.o2)-ONYX/ASH by [rQ]
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Bailey_Honey-Pink Cotton by [ATOMIC]
Wristband: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Wrist Strap by Naith Smit
Facial Piercings: Starstruck by
Mini-Dress: *Linc* Petite Black Grey Stripes by Luck,Inc.
Stockings: *Linc* Half Stockings 2 Black by Luck,Inc.
Boots: *league* Shin Boots by League