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So many events…so little $L

So many amazing events and new releases are happening right now. I can’t keep up!


I spent a lot of time running around the Candy Fair and I had a blast. There are so many great designers out there and the sim is really cute. I picked up a couple of things that I’m wearing in this post. The cute little top from .PANIK. and the AHMAYZING corset-shorts-bodysuit…thing. I dunno what the proper name for it is, but, I love it!

I’m also deeply in love with these super sexy stilettos I picked up from fri.day during the last 50L Friday. *purrs* Oh! I can’t forget this gorgeous jacket I snagged at Collabor88. Hot damn, it took some WORK to get there, but, after a day and a half of trying I finally got in! Then the sim crashed lol But, it came right back up and I was able to snag a few things. Love that place and it’s no wonder it was so packed, it has some really wonderful and cool things right now. So, go check it out!

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Mess by !lamb

Ears: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala

Skin: Sia- Viva La Noce by Glam Affair (50L Friday)

Jacket: Shu Jacket by R2 (Collabor88)

Top: Whole Top by .PANIK. (Candy Fair)

Bottom: Facilier Possession Shorts by [Haste] (Candy Fair)

Leggings: Tights by [N’soul]

Shoes: Gloria Heels by fri.

Wanna Take A Ride With Me?

As I was running about and elbowing my way through the crowds partaking in 50l Friday (which I’m hopelessly addicted to, btw.) I was brought back to a store I haven’t been to in EONS. So. Many. Styles. Seriously? How on earth could I forget about this place? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Annnyway! Naturally I was dragging hubby along with me. He mostly just stood around looking adorable as he held my purse. Waiting. Waiting. Wa..oh ffs…rez! Ya know how it is. 87 people all piled at the entrance. Nothing will rez. So, I’m doing the rez dance (IM me in world and I’ll pass it along. You need it. Trust me.) when I just happened to spot something rezzed. I swing around and there it is. The most fabulous thing I have ever seen. Corsets. All strung along the wall, shining and beautiful. I needed one. They’re so well textured and the sculpts are to DIE for. Another thing that struck me was how…whimsical..they are. Each one is like it’s very own carnival.
Sadly, it was late and we had just been beaten to death with lag. I vowed to return.
..and I did. Dragging the poor pup along again to help me decide on colors. After an absurd amount of time I settled on navy. Mind you, Pup is looking at me like I’m nuts. I had a vision. I saw that corset and the entire look just consumed me.
But, what really pulled the whole thing together is the boots. These boots were the best purchase -ever- made. I love them so. *swoons*

Ploom – Benten-Crow (Stumblebum item. However, I believe it -is- in store at it’s regular price.)
Eyes: Glam Affair – Stella Eyes 01 (Part of Platinum Hunt Gift)
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Stretched Ears
Skin: :[P] – Lionheart[Elven]-Porcelain- Cult

*** So Many Styles *** – Corset Metallic Navy
Dress: Luck, Inc – Sinken Dress Black

[Steinwerk] – Avelines Sunglasses
Necklace: .HoD. – The Crosary
Gloves:Plastik – LipstickMuse-Black
Shoes: The Abyss – F_Boots//Stompers [Black]

Poses by: Porcupine Love