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Back To Black

Back to Black

Now that I have settled back in with The Dog in our home I’m back to blogging! YAY! My first order of business was to check out Back To Black. It’s a truly wonderful little event to raise awareness about mental health. These issues effect so many of us in so many different ways and there is so much information available to you here. So please, while you’re browsing the many amazing designers featured here, make sure you look around and read all the signage.

Back to Black Awesomeness

The Body:
Hair: !lamb.
Skin: [Atomic]
Eyes: Mayfly
Ears: Illusory

The Outfit:
Piercings: Cobrahive
Glasses: {mon tissu}
Dress: *BE Designs*
Cuffs: erratic
Leggings: .:A&M:.
Shoes: Purrfect 10 ~> BACK TO BLACK



This outfit was inspired by the very RAWR feeling I left the Skin Fair with. Also, it’s a victory. The straps I’m wearing I have been searching for..for..um..over a month. It’s been driving me crazy and I FINALLY found them..by pure accident. Or, perhaps it was fate. Who knows!

I ish wearin’

Hair: (loq)
Skin: (curio)Skin Fair goodie!
Strappies: (AdN)
Bodice & Shorts: (erratic)
Leggings: (NSD)
Shoes: (N-core)