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I’m Back..?


I haven’t really decided yet, to be honest. The last year of my real life has been a whirlwind of absolute insanity! The good kind, though. The best part of it all is that The Dog and I got married! He finally made an honest woman of me. That silly-silly man, I adore him.

So, while I’m still settling into my new life I’m slowly getting back into the SL-grind. So much has changed and yet…stayed the same. I will probably not be posting on a daily basis, but, I am going to try to breathe the life back into this blog. I really do love it so and Second Life fashion is still very much one of my passions.

Many thanks to all of you for having given me such a wonderful experience in the past and hopefully, you’ll stick around for the road ahead.

The Outfit:
Skin – Curio
Hair – [Elikatira]
Ears – .Illusory.
Eyes – Mayfly
Top – Insanya
Glasses/Jeans – Mon Tissu
Heels – Maitreya Gold

*NEW* Mon Tissu


The oh so lovely Madison Morlim, of StyleWise, and I have been wanting to do a joint post for awhile now. She’s my twin! Seriously, it’s almost unnerving how alike we are. Finally, the stars aligned and we were able to pull this together. JUST in time for new releases at Mon Tissu!

The Patterns & Lines Collection, as it’s called, consists of belted blouses, patterned strapless camisoles, ruffled cropped cardigans, and retro-style reading glasses. It’s all just too fabulous for words.

Now, I know that some of us have abit of trouble with the Lula sim at times, but, don’t fret! Mon Tissu is now available on Marketplace! Don’t ya LOVE it? Now you can pile your cart to overflowing and never leave the comfort of home. Though, I do highly recommend going to the sim, when you can. It’s so pretty and there are lots of goodies there, as well.

What am I wearing, you ask?

Hair: (Elikatira)
Ears: (Illusory)
Skin: (Curio) NEW
Piercing: (Cobrahive)
Necklace: (Kari)
Top: (Mon Tissu)NEW
Jeans: (Luck, Inc) NEWish
Shoes: (N*Core)

To see what Madison is wearing, visit her blog for all the details.

Mon Tissu on Marketplace here and here!

CHEERing for NEWness at Luck, Inc!

New Linc

YAY for corny post titles! Wheeee!

So yeah, new high-waisted skirt at Luck, Inc. I’m a few days late on this one, but, whatever. The new skirts are absolutely lovely and comes with/in millions of options! Long, short, metallic, solid, patterned…!

What else am I wearing? Let’s find out..

Skin: (curio)Skin Fair Goodness!
Eyes: (coma)
Hair: (loq)
Piercings: (cobrahive)
Necklace: (hod)
Nails: (virtual insanity)
Jacket: (cheerno)
Skirt: (luck, inc) ***NEW***
Leggings: (erratic)Group Gift
Heels: (ncore)



This outfit was inspired by the very RAWR feeling I left the Skin Fair with. Also, it’s a victory. The straps I’m wearing I have been searching for..for..um..over a month. It’s been driving me crazy and I FINALLY found them..by pure accident. Or, perhaps it was fate. Who knows!

I ish wearin’

Hair: (loq)
Skin: (curio)Skin Fair goodie!
Strappies: (AdN)
Bodice & Shorts: (erratic)
Leggings: (NSD)
Shoes: (N-core)

Bring It!


So, I was on Plurk chatting with my new friend, JLK, and I happened to mention that I was in the market for some new poses. She ever so kindly shoved me to the Pose Fair. I’m wandering around and what do you think I see? This heffer, Demi, is wearing MY dress! So ya know, I step up to her and words began to fly. Lemme tell you, them small ones is fast! I got in a few good licks, though!

demi and sera
She claims she ‘won’. *eyeroll* Whatev! Imma see her again!

If you wanna know what she’s wearing, check her out @ demiNa Fashi0n

As for me:
Hat/Hair: lamb – Sugarless
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Stitch
Ears/Horns: .Illusory. – FrostBite
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen

Coat: Dela – Trench Coat ‘Anne’
Dress: Kyoot – Vodka (50L Friday)
Stockings: [JP]:dsg – Malia
Socks: Pig – Knee Sock MIT Suspenders

Boots: Elikatira – Secret Boots
Necklace: Mood – Downtown Glam (Previous Stumblebum)

Pose: Clique

Before The Snow Melts


The snow on my sim will be melting in a few days so I’m enjoying it as much as possible. I was SO anxious for it to start snowing and now I just want my green forest back! xD
But, I’m still gonna make the most of it.

Eyes: Plastik
Horns/Ears: .Illusory.(Atomic)
Skin: Curio
Sweater: Zenith
Jeans: Miseria
Boots: KAO
Glasses: Steinwerk
Necklace: LacieCakes

Pose: Clique



I went on an absolute spreeee last night. I went to check out the new..ish..Miel boots, Lia, and I loved them. Naturally. I mean, come on. 420L for 6 colors..all in one? Yes, please! But, I didn’t really have anything to go with them (read: Excuse to buy more clothes). So I went to Berries and bought a dress(not worn today) and then I ran around Niniko and oh my goodness. Niniko is a new find for me and if they had a ‘Buy All’ option. I would have. Lovely stuff.


lamb – Heart
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Beautiful
Ears/Horns: Illusory – Frostbite Winter Set
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen

Niniko – Knit Sweater
Undershirt/Dress: Luck,Inc – Cropped Knit Sweater & Sweaterdress
Leggings: Grixdale(Tyranny D.) – Snug Leggings

Cobrahive – Gauged & Gauged 03
Boots: Miel – Lia

Pose: Flowey