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Culture Shock Part Deux

Culture Shock2

More goodies from the much anticipated Culture Shock event! I was like a vulture lurking around The Secret Store booth. I just adore Maylee Oh’s creations and this Popsicle Dress is no different. It will be available at Culture Shock in a variety of patterns and the dress comes in two different styles. I decided to wear this beauty with the lovely corset I snagged at Nemesis and accessorised it with the fabulous scarf from Zeery!

Culture Shock3

This skin is just to die for. I’ve long been an admirer of Pink Fuel skins and when I saw the 3 skins available at Culture Shock, I jumped. They are so beyond gorgeous!

The Look:
Hair: (Elikatira)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (Illusory)
Skin: (Pink Fuel)CULTURE SHOCK
Piercing: (Cobrahive)
Corset: (Nemesis)CULTURE SHOCK
Dress: (The Secret Store)CULTURE SHOCK
Shoes: ([m]agnifico)CULTURE SHOCK

*NEW* Mon Tissu


The oh so lovely Madison Morlim, of StyleWise, and I have been wanting to do a joint post for awhile now. She’s my twin! Seriously, it’s almost unnerving how alike we are. Finally, the stars aligned and we were able to pull this together. JUST in time for new releases at Mon Tissu!

The Patterns & Lines Collection, as it’s called, consists of belted blouses, patterned strapless camisoles, ruffled cropped cardigans, and retro-style reading glasses. It’s all just too fabulous for words.

Now, I know that some of us have abit of trouble with the Lula sim at times, but, don’t fret! Mon Tissu is now available on Marketplace! Don’t ya LOVE it? Now you can pile your cart to overflowing and never leave the comfort of home. Though, I do highly recommend going to the sim, when you can. It’s so pretty and there are lots of goodies there, as well.

What am I wearing, you ask?

Hair: (Elikatira)
Ears: (Illusory)
Skin: (Curio) NEW
Piercing: (Cobrahive)
Necklace: (Kari)
Top: (Mon Tissu)NEW
Jeans: (Luck, Inc) NEWish
Shoes: (N*Core)

To see what Madison is wearing, visit her blog for all the details.

Mon Tissu on Marketplace here and here!

Mynerva – Kia Limited Time Offer


Today Mynerva released Kia and for a limited time only(the next 4 days) it’s available for 300L! The skin is absolutely stunning and it’s a hell of a deal! While I was there anxiously waiting for the vendor to rez so I could snatch this beauty up I noticed an avatar in the crowd behind me. I was thinking to myself ‘Damn, that girl looks like me.’. Put it aside and grabbed the skin and fled to the comfort of my home to bask in it’s glory. My RL roommate(Kia Silvercloud in-world) asked to come over after she had made her purchases so I tp’d her….and er…that girl was in my house!

See, this is what happens when you recommend stores to people. xD So, since we dressed similarly completely on accident we decided to take photos together.


On Sera (left):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Necklace: (Miel)
Top: (Cheer No Femme) @ Euphoria
Jeans: (Cynful)
Shoes: (Elikatira)

On Kia (right):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Pulse)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Top/Pants: (Aoharu)
Shoes: (Elikatira)

League – Sia <3


I know, I know. You guy have seen this skin everywhere, but, wow. I’m SO in love with it. Ever since League began putting out skins I’ve wanted them. I’ve looked at people wearing them and salivated. For some reason I just never got one, though. Until last night! I went and tried on the demo for Sia and took one look at the face (below) and HAD to have it. I really can’t get over how beautiful it is and I’m SO happy I took the plunge.



You’re Damn Skippy..!


Picture heavy post! .Illusory. FINALLY opened today and my goodness was it chaotic. Literally seconds within announcing the opening the sim was full. If you were lucky enough to fight you’re way in then you know that there are some serious goodies in there. Ears, Horns, Hooves, Skins..oh my!

Mah new Hair, Skin, Horns, and Ears.

My favoritist dress! xD

Hoooooooves…wif socks!

-).Illusory.(- [horns, ears, skin, hooves]

-)Razorblade Jacket(- [dress]

-)Ploom(- [Hair]

NEW @ Laq and Maitreya!


LAQ has released two skins from the Glow line,Mima(shown) and Elena, in a new pale tones. Each of the two skins is a 10 pack with absolutely gorgeous and spooky makeups. The face is flawless and the body superb. Pup was n00b cam perving me yesterday, so that must be a good sign. 😉


The short hair (Natalie) is part of the monster release at Maitreya over the weekend. So cute and fun!

Hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween!

Taxi to LAQ and Maitreya


I’m having some hardcore flashbacks to A&P. o.O


So this is the Muscle version of the new Samhain skins from Plastik. The detail is absolutely amazing. Beautiful. Creepy. Maybe? No? Eh. *shrugs* Either way, I seriously suggest popping by and snatching these babies up!

The Plastik

..and yes, I have finally decided to stop being lazy and be a lil more streamlined with my photos. xD