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Getting My Feet Wet…


Ahh, my first offering since my triumphant return!…and what a sexy –and bargain friendly– return it is. Everything I’m wearing I got on the cheap! All came from either The Dressing Room (thank gawd that’s still around), Lazy Sunday, or Uber. Minus the ears. Those beauties I snatched at Mandala.

Sera Oct. 2014

Can’t forget the to-die-for boots…

Dem New Boots

Pure Heaven. *sighs dreamily*

The deets:
Hair: Vodka by LoQ’ue (The Dressing Room)
Skin: Joia by ^^Swallow^^ (Uber)
Ears: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala
Collar: Yes Sir by Foxes (Uber)
Dress: Cynder by Plastik (Lazy Sunday)
Boots: Milla Boots by Pure Poison (Uber)

Look At Mah Bewbs!


Muahahaha! You totally looked.

I’m bored. *shrugs*

The sim is Florencio and it’s LOTS of fun and really amazing for taking pictures. If pictures aren’t your bag then the sim also has some REALLY good shopping. *Squeee!*

Onto the bewbs, they are covered by these really really fun and new tattoos at Plastik! Soooo many different designs and wear options.



The Secret Store

Been Down…


Feels like it’s been eons since I blogged. Just haven’t felt…inspired. Just been spending lots of snuggly time with hubby and been trying to hone my SL-Photography ‘skills’. I’m still very much an amateur, but, I’m pleased with my progress. 🙂

Hair: (detour)
Ears/Eyes/Horns/Hooves: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (LAQ)
Dress: (fall into decay)

Pose: (flowey)

Sim: (barbee.)

Your book is overdue! >.<


I wasn’t feeling very well and just having one of those days where everything in the free world goes wrong, so I decided to throw a cardigan over a sweater and jeans and be done with it. Oh yeah, I’m a fashionista! Bask in my glory!

….totally kidding. I think I look cute. It’s a quick and easy look pulled together with some of my favorite items. 😀

ZOMIGAWD! What are you wearing?!
Hair: (Shag)
Eyes/Ears/Horns/Skin: (.Illusory.)
Glasses: (Steinwerk)
Piercings: (Cobrahive)
Cardigan: (LeLutka)
Sweater/Jeans: ({mon tissu})
Flats: ([e])
Pose: (flowey)

…and crash!


Just a quick post tonight. The last couple of days have been pretty insane in the RL. My house flooded…fridge died…I lost my mind.

So, I give you….Mon Tissu! xD Yeah I dunno, either.

Hair (lamb)
Ears/Eyes/Skin (.Illusory.)
Shrug/Bra (mon tissu)
Piercings (Cobrahive)

I’m a bad kitten :o(

Ya know. I just realized that I haven’t been really giving the poses any love. I should. Animators work hard and poses are used in every single blog and they’re all too often overlooked. I always said that I wouldn’t do that and here I am…doing it. iSuck.

Soooo, I’m going to go back and update the previous entries with the pose information and I will continue to include that from this point forth.

…tags, too! I’m so lazy. xD