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*squeees!* There’s a new hairstore called, Milana! This new brand is by the same creator as Dernier Cri and the hairs are really fabulous.

Hair: (Milana)
Skin: (League)
Top: (T.Whore)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Boots: (Sweetest Goodbye)

NEW@ [Elikatira] & TDR Blue!


The NEW collection at The Dressing Room Blue is out and as always it is jam packed with goodness! The dress and tights were BOTH snagged there and they are soooo cute! *squeeee!*

Now, onto the hair by [Elikatira]! Novel and Play were released late last night and they are positively scrumptious! So flirty and fun and baby do they scream spring! Novel has an adorable (optional) flower that’s color change and you can also change the pins/hairbands in Play!

Novel (Left) and Play (Right)

You’re Damn Skippy..!


Picture heavy post! .Illusory. FINALLY opened today and my goodness was it chaotic. Literally seconds within announcing the opening the sim was full. If you were lucky enough to fight you’re way in then you know that there are some serious goodies in there. Ears, Horns, Hooves, Skins..oh my!

Mah new Hair, Skin, Horns, and Ears.

My favoritist dress! xD

Hoooooooves…wif socks!

-).Illusory.(- [horns, ears, skin, hooves]

-)Razorblade Jacket(- [dress]

-)Ploom(- [Hair]

40% Off Sale + Stumblebum!


Ploom is taking part in Stumblebum this week. The offering is an amazingly adorable holiday hair. Green, Red, and White complete with lights! Super cute and festive!


Also, Sweetest Goodbye is having a 40% off Sale on ALL ITEMS(save for new releases xD)! If there is anything there that you’ve been wanting then NOW is the time. I snagged up these boots that I’ve been drooling over and I couldn’t be happier.

Ploom – Eva (Stumblebum!)
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Beautiful (Hunt Gift)
Horns/Ears/Skin: Illusory – FrostBite

Sweater: Ronsem – IonTEE ***NEW***
Jeans: Miseria – Gingerbread (@Isle of Misfit Toy Shoppe)

Piercings: Cobrahive – Gauged
Boots: Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! (40% off!)

Getting So Cold!


I really love this time of year. It’s so gorgeous and honestly, I ADORE winter clothing. Jackets, hoodies, cozy socks, beanies…everything! I love getting all bundled up. So, it’s fun to be able to do that here in SL, too.

Along with the new hair from Ploom, Nivel, I am also making use of Maitreya‘s Moxie again. Seriously, how amazing are these wedges? They go with EVERYTHING and are sooo cute!

The jacket is from Sey. It’s not new, but, I’ve just finally snagged it. I love sey, especially for winter clothes!

ploom – Nivel
Eyes: :[P]: – Parnas-Green
Ears: ::LEO-NT:: – SaddyDeath (Group Gift. 60L to join)
Horns: ::LEO-NT:: – Fa(u)ntasy
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart[Elven]

:sey – BoA Jk
Sweater: [Slutcookie] – Rainy Days
Jeans: Primitive Design – Nessa ***NEW***

Hermony – Rock’n’Rolla
Wedges: Maitreya Gold – Moxie ***NEW***

25L Sale & NEWness!


That’s right, Phoenix Rising is having a 25L on ALL items. Except for the discount items, those are 1L. I meant to post about this nearly a week ago, but, with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US and family and such, I wasn’t able. I apologize. However, the sale is STILL going on. The store is HUGE and has a wide variety for you to choose from. Tops, bottoms, jackets, fundies, formalwear, mens, womens, shoes! Everything. So go and have fun!

Also, the hair I’m wearing is a new goodie at Ploom! Gabby, a very cute updo! A bit messy, but, in that stylish kinda way. Adorable!

Ploom – Gabby ***NEW***
Eyes: :[P]: – Haunt-Sickness
Ears: ::LEO-NT:: – SaddyDeath (Group Gift. 60L to join)
Horns: ::LEO-NT:: – Fa(u)ntasy Horns [woodland]
Makeup: Kyoot – Smokey
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart[Elven]

Phoenix Rising – Bree Jacket ***25L SALE***
Top: Tyranny – A little frayed (Stumblebum)
Shorts: BOOM – Fall Courd

::MOOD:: – Downtown Glam Ensemble (Stumblebum)
Wool Socks&Wedges: Maitreya Gold – Moxie ***NEW***

NEW @ Laq and Maitreya!


LAQ has released two skins from the Glow line,Mima(shown) and Elena, in a new pale tones. Each of the two skins is a 10 pack with absolutely gorgeous and spooky makeups. The face is flawless and the body superb. Pup was n00b cam perving me yesterday, so that must be a good sign. 😉


The short hair (Natalie) is part of the monster release at Maitreya over the weekend. So cute and fun!

Hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween!

Taxi to LAQ and Maitreya