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It’s in the eyes.
(Fii of the Vae Collection)

Aikea Rieko of The Plastik knows no bounds when it comes to creating eye candy (hurr hurr) for us to gawk at, whether it’s accessories, clothing, skins, or eyes…but today I’m talking about the vast Prim Eye Collection Aikea has created (I’m talking 50+ colours, some with Cat eyes, and other shaped pupils, mixing and matching galore!). For the longest time I have been searching for a way to give my avatar heterochromia eyes, ever since I was little and saw that my friend’s eyes were two completely different colours I’ve been obsessed. Aikea floors me with the amount of detail and attention that have gone into the eyes…I often find myself staring at my avatar head on just to admire them. XD

And with the amount of detail that has been put into the eyes, they just shout emotions!
Fierce green glare.
(Orion Green)

Electric purple stare.
(Narcisse Eggplant)

Deep with emotion.
(Orion Night)

Think I just had an eye-gasm.

Every time I stop by the Plastik I always detour to the eye lantern, I have to will myself to not buy 3 at a time, but that didn’t work out last time I was there. >.>; They’re just so rich and vibrant I must have them. The kitty is going to murder me if I start spending 1K on eyes alone like I do with hair sometimes. XD

Each pair of eyes comes with Two prim eyes, and one on the texture layer. :3

(Narcisse Green on Right eye, Narcisse Deep on Left eye)
My usual combination.


What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Belleza Thomas 1-E
Tattoos: Aitui Blue Fire Arms, Herald
Hair: MADesigns Jin in TB I
Eyes: The Plastik Narcisse Eggplant, Deep, Green. Orion Green, Night. Vae Fii.
Jacket on waist: :sey Maki2 hoodie v.2[Camo]
Tank top: -SG- Dendi Jacket Khaki/Beige/Yellow
Pants: The Plastik Skiinah Pants plain in Original Dann
Boots: [4mc] PD Uniform
Necklace: StarFire Point Stone Necklace
Leather Cuff: BLITZED Brutal Cuffs – old leather brown

Get Rawrvey…

Yeah, I’m no good at titles. *Shrug*


Why am I ‘The Dog?’

It’s simple really!

Sometimes I get a lil behind in my shaving routine and the above happens, I start looking like a wolf! :O Thankfully my other half doesn’t mind the wolfish appearance. S’all good! 😀

Still a Dog, just clean shaven.

I’m a fan of big baggy pants and nice dress shirts, thus my combination between Armidi’s Cambridge Cuffed Shirts and The Plastik’s Raver Pants. Sort of a casual yet clubby sort of look.


The Wolf Wears:
Wolf Avatar: Kinzart Kreetures Timber Wolf
Hair: MAD Designs, Andy NBL III
Shirt: Armidi Gisaci’s Cambridge Cuffed Shirt (White)
Pants: The Plastik’s Digi Raver Pants (Pin Stripe)
Shoes: J’s 3way Engineer Boots (Black)
Watch: SteinWerk’s Seamaster Black
Wrist Cuff: Eye Candy’s Silver Mokume Gane Leather Cuff
Necklace: MRM’s Tribal Initial Plate

The Human Wears:
Skin: Belleza’s Thomas Skin Tan 1-E
Hair: MAD Designs, Eric TB I
Eyes: The Plastik’s JadedCollection-Narcisse-Green (Right) / Narcisse-Deep (Left)
Shirt: Armidi Gisaci’s Cambridge Cuffed Shirt (Ukraun Purple)
Pants: The Plastik’s Digi Raver Pants (Brocade)
Piercing Brow: Rozoregalia’s *NORNIR*Unisex eyebrow pierce1[type2]Silver
Piercing Lip: Rozoregalia’s *NORNIR*Unisex lip pierce1[type1]Silver
Tattoo Arms: Aitui’s Fire Arms Blue(Fresh)
Tattoo Chest: Aitui’s Herald