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So many events…so little $L

So many amazing events and new releases are happening right now. I can’t keep up!


I spent a lot of time running around the Candy Fair and I had a blast. There are so many great designers out there and the sim is really cute. I picked up a couple of things that I’m wearing in this post. The cute little top from .PANIK. and the AHMAYZING corset-shorts-bodysuit…thing. I dunno what the proper name for it is, but, I love it!

I’m also deeply in love with these super sexy stilettos I picked up from during the last 50L Friday. *purrs* Oh! I can’t forget this gorgeous jacket I snagged at Collabor88. Hot damn, it took some WORK to get there, but, after a day and a half of trying I finally got in! Then the sim crashed lol But, it came right back up and I was able to snag a few things. Love that place and it’s no wonder it was so packed, it has some really wonderful and cool things right now. So, go check it out!

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Mess by !lamb

Ears: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala

Skin: Sia- Viva La Noce by Glam Affair (50L Friday)

Jacket: Shu Jacket by R2 (Collabor88)

Top: Whole Top by .PANIK. (Candy Fair)

Bottom: Facilier Possession Shorts by [Haste] (Candy Fair)

Leggings: Tights by [N’soul]

Shoes: Gloria Heels by fri.

Thaw Me Out!


Texas, where I live, was hit with a really gnarly winter storm this week so I’ve been a Seracicle! I won’t go into the dramatic details, but, I’m southern and not built for this madness. xD

Onto my outfit! Erratic is a new store, for me, and I fell in love with this super sleek and sexy top, Katy! Comes in a large array of colors. You can buy them one by one or in mini-packs!


The belt is a 50L Friday item from Miel. Current! So, if you hurry you can still snag it! Ruuunnn! hehe It’s color change(leather and metal) and sooo easy to size!

Hair: (lamb.)
Eyes: (coma)
Skin/Ears/Hooves: (.Illusory.)
Horns: (Illusions)

Undershirt: (ayumi)
Bustier: (erratic)
Belt: (Miel)
Jeans: (bubble)
Piercings: (cobrahive)

I’m alive!


Yes, yes. I’m alive and well! I was running around earlier doing 50L Friday and fell deeply in love with this cardigan from Willow! It’s really cute and well textured. I was a little apprehensive because the bottom piece is a skirt layer. Personally, I hate skirt layers. They always make me look like I have a ginormous ass. But, this one is done nicely. It has shadow to give it abit of depth and it sort of sticks out from the body. Honestly, you can’t tell it’s a skirt.

I also wanted to mention the new makeup release from Miamai. They are sooo much fun! It’s an eyeshadow sort of affair made to look like various types of feathers.


What am I wearing, you ask?

Skin: (.Illusory.) Group Gift
Hair: (lamb.) Glass Candy
Eyes: (Hermony) Moon
Ears/Hooves/Fur: (.Illusory.)
Makeup: (Miamai)

Cardigan: (Willow) Ricci Cardi – 50L Friday!
Socks: (Panda Express) -Part of- Premonition
Tapes: (sinistyle)

Bring It!


So, I was on Plurk chatting with my new friend, JLK, and I happened to mention that I was in the market for some new poses. She ever so kindly shoved me to the Pose Fair. I’m wandering around and what do you think I see? This heffer, Demi, is wearing MY dress! So ya know, I step up to her and words began to fly. Lemme tell you, them small ones is fast! I got in a few good licks, though!

demi and sera
She claims she ‘won’. *eyeroll* Whatev! Imma see her again!

If you wanna know what she’s wearing, check her out @ demiNa Fashi0n

As for me:
Hat/Hair: lamb – Sugarless
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Stitch
Ears/Horns: .Illusory. – FrostBite
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen

Coat: Dela – Trench Coat ‘Anne’
Dress: Kyoot – Vodka (50L Friday)
Stockings: [JP]:dsg – Malia
Socks: Pig – Knee Sock MIT Suspenders

Boots: Elikatira – Secret Boots
Necklace: Mood – Downtown Glam (Previous Stumblebum)

Pose: Clique

For The Love of…


Last night Puppy and I ran around the Ice Festival and had SO MUCH fun doing the hunt and peeping the various stores. So many. TONS of amazing hunt gifts, too! YAY for frolicking in the snow!



ploom – Lila
Eyes: :[P]: VaeCollection-Seuo
Horns: LEO-NT – Fa(u)ntasy Woodland
Ears: :[P]: – Secret Garden
Skin: Illusory – Paige Winter

Sweater: =Zenith= – Black Seater+Checker (Found @ FTLO!)
Jeans: AJA – Shredded Heart Knit (Found @FTLO!)
Boots: Ispachi – Seasons

Fundies: LiQSuM – Mistletoe Panties (FTLO Hunt!)
Antlers: Relentless Couture – Holiday Antlers (FTLO Hunt!)

lamb – DIY (Past 50L Friday Item)
Eyes: :[P]: VaeCollection-Seuo
Horns/Ears/Skin: Illusory – Frostbite Winter

Jacket: grasp – Cargo
Open Sweater: Deetalez – Unbottoned Wool Shirt (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)
Turtleneck: paper.doll – Hannah
Jeans: KoQStar – Acid Wash (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)
Boots: [N] – Moccasins