Mynerva – Kia Limited Time Offer


Today Mynerva released Kia and for a limited time only(the next 4 days) it’s available for 300L! The skin is absolutely stunning and it’s a hell of a deal! While I was there anxiously waiting for the vendor to rez so I could snatch this beauty up I noticed an avatar in the crowd behind me. I was thinking to myself ‘Damn, that girl looks like me.’. Put it aside and grabbed the skin and fled to the comfort of my home to bask in it’s glory. My RL roommate(Kia Silvercloud in-world) asked to come over after she had made her purchases so I tp’d her….and er…that girl was in my house!

See, this is what happens when you recommend stores to people. xD So, since we dressed similarly completely on accident we decided to take photos together.


On Sera (left):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Necklace: (Miel)
Top: (Cheer No Femme) @ Euphoria
Jeans: (Cynful)
Shoes: (Elikatira)

On Kia (right):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Pulse)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Top/Pants: (Aoharu)
Shoes: (Elikatira)


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