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Mmm, Pepper…


Over the weekend League released these super adorable spring camisoles. As usual, they come in a variety of colors along with some really great sculpt options to ensure the perfect fit!

Also, I happened upon Pepper, which is a new store to me. The skirt I’m wearing is from there and it goes PERFECTLY with the top. *squee*
I LOVE finding great little places like this and I really can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. SAD kitten.

Wanna Go Shopping?
Hair: (Elikatira)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (Illusory)
Skin: (L.Fauna)
Piercings: (Cobrahive)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Camisole: (League)
Skirt: (Pepper)

{Zaara} ~ Zayba


“Zayba is a rich raw silk assymetrical top with lush sculpted floral details and embelished with jewels… perfect addtion to your early spring wardrobe.
Available in 9 colors and mini packs of spring, neutrals and jewel tones.

100% Handdrawn
inc : All layer options, sculpted flowers and sleeves.”

I just had to post that bit from the release notecard because it really is the perfect description and it made me drool. The top is absolutely scrumptious. Very sexy and sweet all at the same time. I really do adore {Zaara}, the releases are always so very dreamy.


Mynerva – Kia Limited Time Offer


Today Mynerva released Kia and for a limited time only(the next 4 days) it’s available for 300L! The skin is absolutely stunning and it’s a hell of a deal! While I was there anxiously waiting for the vendor to rez so I could snatch this beauty up I noticed an avatar in the crowd behind me. I was thinking to myself ‘Damn, that girl looks like me.’. Put it aside and grabbed the skin and fled to the comfort of my home to bask in it’s glory. My RL roommate(Kia Silvercloud in-world) asked to come over after she had made her purchases so I tp’d her….and er…that girl was in my house!

See, this is what happens when you recommend stores to people. xD So, since we dressed similarly completely on accident we decided to take photos together.


On Sera (left):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Coma)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Necklace: (Miel)
Top: (Cheer No Femme) @ Euphoria
Jeans: (Cynful)
Shoes: (Elikatira)

On Kia (right):
Hair: (Milana)
Eyes: (Pulse)
Ears: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (Mynerva)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Top/Pants: (Aoharu)
Shoes: (Elikatira)



*squeees!* There’s a new hairstore called, Milana! This new brand is by the same creator as Dernier Cri and the hairs are really fabulous.

Hair: (Milana)
Skin: (League)
Top: (T.Whore)
Nails: (Virtual Insanity)
Boots: (Sweetest Goodbye)

League – Sia <3


I know, I know. You guy have seen this skin everywhere, but, wow. I’m SO in love with it. Ever since League began putting out skins I’ve wanted them. I’ve looked at people wearing them and salivated. For some reason I just never got one, though. Until last night! I went and tried on the demo for Sia and took one look at the face (below) and HAD to have it. I really can’t get over how beautiful it is and I’m SO happy I took the plunge.