This outfit was inspired by the very RAWR feeling I left the Skin Fair with. Also, it’s a victory. The straps I’m wearing I have been searching for..for..um..over a month. It’s been driving me crazy and I FINALLY found them..by pure accident. Or, perhaps it was fate. Who knows!

I ish wearin’

Hair: (loq)
Skin: (curio)Skin Fair goodie!
Strappies: (AdN)
Bodice & Shorts: (erratic)
Leggings: (NSD)
Shoes: (N-core)


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2 responses to “Rawrz!

  • Anon

    Nice post. I noticed the lines on your shadow pics. You might want to turn off the SSAO Rendering. That got rid of’em for me.

    • Seraphix Rehula

      Ya know, I’ve tried everything and it still does it to some degree. Bout to annoy me to death. Sadly, I’m not savvy enough with Gimp to properly edit them out. I tried switching to another Viewer, Kirstens, but for some reason when I try to take photos there it just gives me a black screen. But, not to worry. I am trying to work on a solution and muchly appreciate any advice. Ahh, the joys of SL.

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