Bring It!


So, I was on Plurk chatting with my new friend, JLK, and I happened to mention that I was in the market for some new poses. She ever so kindly shoved me to the Pose Fair. I’m wandering around and what do you think I see? This heffer, Demi, is wearing MY dress! So ya know, I step up to her and words began to fly. Lemme tell you, them small ones is fast! I got in a few good licks, though!

demi and sera
She claims she ‘won’. *eyeroll* Whatev! Imma see her again!

If you wanna know what she’s wearing, check her out @ demiNa Fashi0n

As for me:
Hat/Hair: lamb – Sugarless
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Stitch
Ears/Horns: .Illusory. – FrostBite
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen

Coat: Dela – Trench Coat ‘Anne’
Dress: Kyoot – Vodka (50L Friday)
Stockings: [JP]:dsg – Malia
Socks: Pig – Knee Sock MIT Suspenders

Boots: Elikatira – Secret Boots
Necklace: Mood – Downtown Glam (Previous Stumblebum)

Pose: Clique


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