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I’m alive!


Yes, yes. I’m alive and well! I was running around earlier doing 50L Friday and fell deeply in love with this cardigan from Willow! It’s really cute and well textured. I was a little apprehensive because the bottom piece is a skirt layer. Personally, I hate skirt layers. They always make me look like I have a ginormous ass. But, this one is done nicely. It has shadow to give it abit of depth and it sort of sticks out from the body. Honestly, you can’t tell it’s a skirt.

I also wanted to mention the new makeup release from Miamai. They are sooo much fun! It’s an eyeshadow sort of affair made to look like various types of feathers.


What am I wearing, you ask?

Skin: (.Illusory.) Group Gift
Hair: (lamb.) Glass Candy
Eyes: (Hermony) Moon
Ears/Hooves/Fur: (.Illusory.)
Makeup: (Miamai)

Cardigan: (Willow) Ricci Cardi – 50L Friday!
Socks: (Panda Express) -Part of- Premonition
Tapes: (sinistyle)



Oh, look! I can take pictures again. *beams*

Sadly, they’re not nearly as nice as the ones Demi took for Of Cats and Dogs. However, to make up for that I am presenting you with this uber cute cardigan from…demina design! Really adorable and comes in a wide array of colors. Demina Design is currently just on the marketplace, but, there are lots of goodies..including furniture! *squee!*

>>>> Clickity to shop! <<<<



The gorgeous photo above was taken by the oh so lovely Demi of demiNa Fashi0n. She was kind enough to take these pictures to help me get through while my computer and I had somewhat of an argument. Anywho, I made a few stops on the Seasons hunt and these are some of the goodies I snagged. Super warm and cute closed coat from KiiTos! and 2 fabulous hairs from [Elikatira]!

Taxi to KiiTos!!
Taxi to [Elikatira]!

Mah BFF!

Goofy Girls (2)

Last night I went over to Demi’s and played dress-up. My computer has been the suckage with taking photos lately and I haven’t been able to at all. I tried every viewer possible and couldn’t get anything to work for the life of me. Demi, being the awesome chicka that she is offered to take some photos for me. Which….YAY! We had soooo much fun goofing off and even managed to get some work done! Seriously, she loads of fun and will likely be a fixture here on Of Cats and Dogs…and Demi. Juuust kidding. I’m not changing the name. Still pretty funny, though. To me. xD

Goofy Girls (4)

Be sure you check her out at her blog! demiNa Fashi0n !

hair: Elikatira – Melody
Eyes: Illusory – Eyes 10
Ears: Illusory – c1
Skin: Illusory – Paige Light- Winter 4a

Sweater: Niniko – Knit Sweater
Shorts: Milk Motion – My Jean Shorts
Glasses: Steinwerk – Avalines


Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: Truth HAIR Yolanda – light blondes
Bow: (NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband – Tribeca Stripes by Nylon Pinkney
Shirt: Ingenue :: Sunday Morning Tee :: Winter
Pants: Mon Tissu Denim – 1929 Cigarette ~ Dark

Been Down…


Feels like it’s been eons since I blogged. Just haven’t felt…inspired. Just been spending lots of snuggly time with hubby and been trying to hone my SL-Photography ‘skills’. I’m still very much an amateur, but, I’m pleased with my progress. 🙂

Hair: (detour)
Ears/Eyes/Horns/Hooves: (.Illusory.)
Skin: (LAQ)
Dress: (fall into decay)

Pose: (flowey)

Sim: (barbee.)

Your book is overdue! >.<


I wasn’t feeling very well and just having one of those days where everything in the free world goes wrong, so I decided to throw a cardigan over a sweater and jeans and be done with it. Oh yeah, I’m a fashionista! Bask in my glory!

….totally kidding. I think I look cute. It’s a quick and easy look pulled together with some of my favorite items. 😀

ZOMIGAWD! What are you wearing?!
Hair: (Shag)
Eyes/Ears/Horns/Skin: (.Illusory.)
Glasses: (Steinwerk)
Piercings: (Cobrahive)
Cardigan: (LeLutka)
Sweater/Jeans: ({mon tissu})
Flats: ([e])
Pose: (flowey)

The Love! The Ick!

Hubby-wubby and I at home. :D

Today is the Dog’s day off and so we’re spending it being all cuddly and cute and gross. But, I was pretty amused at how mismatched we are, so I had to take pictures and share them with all of you. Ready the toss-pot!

My Protector

HeavenI wuvs him. :D

The Dog:
Skin: Dutch Touch ::Red::
Hair: Shag Paper Tiger
Tattoo: Tailer Star Love Hate neck tattoo
Blindfold: Illusions silk blindfold
Horns: Illusions Dreamcatcher Nivicola Horns
Lip + Ear Piercings: Rozoregalia *Nornir* series

Pants: *Blitzed* Polar Jeans
Shirt/Jacket: : Defectiva : Eastern Studies
Boots: The Abyss Slow Rider

The Cat:
Hair: [E]
Eyes/Ears/Skin/Horns: .Illusory.
Cardigan: So Many Styles
Undershirt: {mon tissu}
Jeans: *Fishy Strawberry*
Flats: [E]