Take Two!..with Illusory!

.Prepare for pixel bewbs.


Soooo, there have been 2 more skin previews of the upcoming Illusory line and they are TO DIE FOR! The faces are gorgeous, the bodies are absolutely scrumptious. The attention to detail is like no other and frankly, the bewbs and booty? Tops! If you haven’t stopped by Atomic to check out these beauties then I highly recommend it. Grab some demos and begin to drool.

Magicka – Diamond (Old Hunt Gift) -and- ploom – Maddie
Eyes: :[P]: – Haunt Collection Ghelgath and Sickness
Ears: :[P]: – Secret Garden (on the blue me and the non frostbitten me)
Skin: Illusory – Paige & Frost Bite Winter Set(Preview..AVAILABLE!)

Pasties + Skirt:
:[P]: – Snowflake (Project Themeory)
Frostbiteyness: Fallen Doll – Frostbitten (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)

^^Confused, yet? Sheesh.


The Frostbite Winter set is the one I am currently refusing to take off. It’s so pretty and silvery and comes with adorable ears you just wanna gnaw on as well as oh so cute horns complete with snow! It’s only available as a set. Which is just fine by me! xD

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