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Didn’t think I was ever gonna get this up. Been CRACKED OUT on Plurk. Insanely addictive. O.O

Onto the fashion stuffs. I went on a mini spree at LeLutka today and bought several jackets that I can wear with the all the boots I got on the boot spreeeeeee! I realized that I need more jeans/pants. I don’t really have enough of those…..Jean spreeee! xD

Hair: Maitreya
Eyes & GlassesDen Dou & Steinwerk
Horns/Ears: .Illusory.(Atomic)
Skin: Curio

Coat: LeLutka
Sweater: *ARAI*
Jeans: So Many Styles

Piercings: Cobrahive
Belt: Blitzed
Boots: Surf Couture

Plurk? Plurk!

I’ve heard about it a lot and finally decided to check it out for myself. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it’s all about. Soooo, would love some pointers or adds so I’m not out there all alone! xD

I just like saying it. Plurk. Plurk. Plurk?

Before The Snow Melts


The snow on my sim will be melting in a few days so I’m enjoying it as much as possible. I was SO anxious for it to start snowing and now I just want my green forest back! xD
But, I’m still gonna make the most of it.

Eyes: Plastik
Horns/Ears: .Illusory.(Atomic)
Skin: Curio
Sweater: Zenith
Jeans: Miseria
Boots: KAO
Glasses: Steinwerk
Necklace: LacieCakes

Pose: Clique

Newness from Zenith!…Maybe?


I’ve got…nothing. xD New sweater from Zenith! Well, maybe newish? I dunno how new it is.

Nap time! xD

To Zenith!



I went on an absolute spreeee last night. I went to check out the new..ish..Miel boots, Lia, and I loved them. Naturally. I mean, come on. 420L for 6 colors..all in one? Yes, please! But, I didn’t really have anything to go with them (read: Excuse to buy more clothes). So I went to Berries and bought a dress(not worn today) and then I ran around Niniko and oh my goodness. Niniko is a new find for me and if they had a ‘Buy All’ option. I would have. Lovely stuff.


lamb – Heart
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Beautiful
Ears/Horns: Illusory – Frostbite Winter Set
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen

Niniko – Knit Sweater
Undershirt/Dress: Luck,Inc – Cropped Knit Sweater & Sweaterdress
Leggings: Grixdale(Tyranny D.) – Snug Leggings

Cobrahive – Gauged & Gauged 03
Boots: Miel – Lia

Pose: Flowey

Err,Witty Title Here?


Not much to say tonight. I’ve got a seriously massive headache. 😦
But, I managed to crawl out from bed and put together a pretty cute (I think) winter ensemble. I popped by Berries, Inc earlier as it had been awhile and saw this adorable sweater hoodie…thing…and had to have it. Thought it would go perfectly with my brand new Uggs from Pumpkin! Cuuute store, btw. A few other fun stores on sim so if you happen to shoot over there definitely check them out.


Argrace – Knit Beret
Eyes: Plastik – VaeCollection-Beautiful
Ears/Horns: .Illusory. – FrostBite Winter
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen ***NEW***

Berries Inc – Snowflake
Jeans: Primitive Design – Nessa

Cobrahive – Gauged & Gauged 03
Boots: Pumpkin – UGGS

Pose: flowey

Merry Christmas!


Got home a little earlier than I expected from the fam’s house. I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. So, while I wait for the pup to get off work I did a little shopping! YAY!

The Dressing Room Blue has a new collection out that is just cram packed with goodies. This army green jacket is a MUST HAVE. But, be sure to take your time and browse.

Also, and this news is abit of a bummer. This week is the ‘final’ week of Stumblebum. Not just of they year, but, they’re closing up shop on the event to focus on other projects. I wish them all the best in their various endeavors. There was a lot of goodness with Stumblebum and I’m sad to see the end.


…and finally…MAITREYA! I know I sorta talked about this in my last post, but, here’s a much closer view of the Scrunched socks and Shearling boots!

Truth – Tilly
Ears/Horns: Illusory – Frostbite Winter Set
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen-Blizzard ***NEW***

Jacket: Emery – Jacket Sheena (TDR Blue!)
Shirt: Illusory – HoHoHo Tee (Stumblebum!)
Jeans: Moloko – Black Plain
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched ***NEW***

Blitzed – Headband
Piercings: Cobrahive – Gauged & Gauged 03
Boots: Maitreya Gold – Shearling ***NEW***

Pose: flowey