Maitreya’s Got Moxie!


O.M.G!!! That’s exactly what I thought when I got the little notice from Maitreya. I’m SUCH a Maitreya Gold whore. You have no idea. I need a 12-step. Moxie is soooo cute. The super adorable wedges come with 2 sock options. Little cotton socks that go just above the ankle and then the knee-high socks. There’s a million and nine color options AND you can wear both socks at the same time to give it that nice winter layered look. They’re beyond cute and you need them. Trust me.


Also, a super sexy new release at *T.Whore*! Neglige. Very sexy little mini-dress. Comes in solid colors, patterns, and then ‘intimate’ which is sheer and very MEOW!

Hair: Detour – Kaeli II Purple Mix
Eyes: :[P]: – Kahne-Purple
Horns: *~Illusions*~* – Runed
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart-Poet-Lion’s Gaze (Group Gift!)

Sweater & Corset: Luck,Inc – Cropped Knit & Corset ***NEW***
Dress: *T.Whore* – Neglige ***NEW***

Knee-Highs&Wedges: Maitreya Gold – Moxie ***NEW***

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