No Salvation


Ahh, it’s so nice to be back to blogging. The last 2 weeks or so have been really trying, but, thankfully my Dad has been released from the hospital and is now resting at home.

I’m just tossing something up really quickly and I expect quite a few posts in the next few days. 🙂

TRUTH – Tilly
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* – Runed Horns
Ears: GAUGED – Stretched Elven
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart[Elven]

+grasp+ – Cargo
Top: KIM – Le Graffiti
Jeans: Moloko – Jeans >2< Black

Endless Pain – Lolly Pop
Piercings: .HoD. – Reach
Blindfold: Blitzed – Headband
Belt: .:Hermony:. – LuckyDeath
Boots: (Shiny Things) – Glossy Ribbon


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