*shivers* Burrr!


Naith Smit must have been spying on me because I have been FREEZING for the last several days and voila this super warm parka appears! It’s so big and cozy! It has lots of little details on it. Patches, pins, grommets. You can actually change the metals on it to several different textures. Comes with lots of prim options, as well. The jacket is unisex, hood up/down option, as well as (mod)/(no mod) version of the prims. I -love- options!

The top, I got from [Slutcookie] while I was dragging Puppy all over The Rumor sim. Gorgeous sim with TONS of amazing stores and a larger than life woman bathing in the river. I mention the woman because Puppy and I must have passed it 10 times before even noticing and then we felt…blind. xD

Hair: Maitreya – Natalie
Makeup: Kyoot – Smokey (Turquoise)
Eyes: :[P]: – Haunt Collection-Ghelgath ***NEW***
Ears: GAUGED – Elven Stretched
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* – Runed Horns
Skin: LAQ – Mima [Pale] Glow Skin

[NSD] – Gallagher Parka ***NEW***
Top: [Slutcookie] – Rainy Days
Jeans: [Miseria] – Bitter Jeans

Necklace & Piercings:
.HoD. – Cameron’s Cross(part of Mercenary) & Reach
Boots: :sey – Layer’s boots


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