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I’d Rather Go Naked…

*shakes off the dust Puppy got on her* Ack!

We all know that on occasion we must run off to play…that other game,Real Life. *dun dun duuuun*

My roommate gave birth and with a new infant around the house I just haven’t had a whole lotta time to play dress up. Just been wanting to spend my now somewhat limited SL time with my darling bratface, Ito.

Also, and it pains me to say, I’ve sorta ‘lost’ my interest in SL fashion. Not forever. Just, as of late, there’s been nothing new. Nothing inspiring. I have a vast and wonderful closet full of amazing clothes, but, I’ve worn them all a million times and in a million different ways. I’m just very bored with it right now. I’ve been searching and searching for that one amazing article of clothing that’s going to give me the inspiration I need. Right now. I’m just happy to be naked in my garden. With my husband. *grins*

Nakie Kitty!


Pardon our dust…

*Dusts the blog off.*

Oohhweee… sorry about the sudden disappearance! We haven’t fallen off the grid yet, just that RL has gotten busy. I have a new job, and still getting used to the hours, so what time I do have to myself is usually spent winding down and trying to relax. Once I get to speed with all the training and workload, I’ll start posting more.

As for my other half, I’ve…been bad and haven’t taken screen shots of her in any of her outfits… bad me… *Swats own wrist with newspaper.)

Hopefully we’ll get this ball rolling again real soon!

I discovered shadows!

ItoShadowRedux1 ItoShadowRedux3

ItoShadowRedux7 ItoShadowRedux8
(Click to enlarge)

What am I wearing?
Some undies…or ‘fundies’…
Mainly my birthday suit. 😮