Biting more than I can chew?

Hello-hey-hi-hallo…hay (is for horses by the way).

Goodness, what to write? I had this crazy idea of making a blog for my second life wardrobe/growing wardrobe like so many others out there and I find myself wondering if I’ll be able to keep it going. Haha.


So back to introductions!

Hello Gridwalkers/fashion bloggers/random people who stumble across this blog! Welcome to my lil spot on the intranets for Second Life ‘fashion’…though I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion fiend. But I’d like to share/join in on the creativity of dressing my avi up with others. 😀

The purpose of this blog? Give me something to do when I run out of sims to explore. xD Aaaand to share what I find clothing/accessory/body wise. Considering that half the time I’m on the grid I’m usually just standing in one spot attempting to look like a statue. Yey!

And hopefully I can get the other side of this blog to jump on, the Cat (therefore I am the Dog).
But I don’t think that will be an issue. 😀

So that’s-that really…now to get to work on something decent for a first Ootd (outfit of the day…but I bet most of you already new that ^.~).


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